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"Stephen Banton, a partner with Quinn & Banton, completed a trust for my family a couple of years ago as well as for my mom. We have a special needs child, which spurred us on to do it. The thing to keep in mind is that when your loved ones die, they can leave behind a lot of complex scenarios that are a breeding ground for family disputes and drama. Further, if an estate gets bogged down in probate, attorney fees can escalate in the thousands, not to mention that settling money issues is drastically delayed. I figured why not pay a minimal fee to get all of this settled now to prevent potential hassles and a lot more expenditures further down the road. This just makes good business sense. I highly recommend Steve Banton."

-Angela Monko

"I have known Steve and his family for many years and used him for several legal needs. High compassion for clients is unmatched. Highly recommend his firm for estate planning, military veterans, special needs children, and other sensitive planning needs."

- Brett Miller

"My family and I were in a crisis and needed some legal advice and help. Steve was willing to see us quickly. He is honest, empathetic, thorough, and professional. We are grateful to him for helping to make our crisis more manageable."

- Audrey Knobbe